Ana Mendez
Dominique Rey, Untitled #7 - Strangers to Ourselves, 2013, digital photograph; Diana Thormeycroft, Herd, 2013-2015
From left to right: Christina Pettersson, Lucinda Linderman, Evin Collis
Lucinda Linderman, Evin Collis
Lucinda Linderman (front); Christna Pettersson (back)
Diana Thorneycroft (left); Christina Pettersson (right)
Diana Thorneycroft; Christina Pettersson
Left to right: Erin Josephson-Laidlaw; Ana Mendez; Dominique Rey
Pettersson; Thorneycroft; Linderman; Collis; Josephson-Laidlaw
Diana Thorneycroft; Lucinda Linderman
Dominique Rey (back); Diana Thorneycroft (front)
Lucinda Linderman
Evin Collis, Liberty Lodge, 2013, oil on canvas
Andrew Nigon, Remington Painted Horses (Hunter's Rag), 2015, mixed media
Andrew Nigon (left); Aganetha and Richard Dyck (right)
Andrew Nigon, Remington's Painted Horses (Hunter's Rag), 2015
Andrew Nigon (front); Dominique Rey; Aganetha and Richard Dyck
Andrew Nigon (front); Dyck; Rey
Dyck; Rey
Heather Komus, Absorb, Adapt, 2015, mixed media
Heather Komus, Absorb, Adapt, 2015
Dominique Rey; Evin Collis
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